Vermouth Numero Uno - Raina

Vermouth Numero Uno is well structured, with notes of liquorice, china, rhubarb and citrus balsamic hints.

Region: Umbria.

Grapes: Sagrentino and Sangiovese.

Alcohol content: 18%.

Aging: Steel.

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Product Description

Vermouth Numero Uno - Raina

Produced in limited quantities are produced from native Sagrantino and Sangiovese grapes from the most representative vineyards: Raina Field and the Peschiera Pachino. The base wine is flavored with natural alcoholic infusions of herbs and spices. Vermouth Numero Uno is well structured, with notes of liquorice, china, rhubarb and citrus balsamic hints.


We taste Vermouth Numero Uno Raina at a temperature around the 18/20 ° in tumblers.


Vermouth Numeo Uno Raina is great for making cocktails or as a digestive dopopasto.

Cellar: Raina

Raina is Turri Montefalco, in the province of Pergugia, nestled in the beautiful hills of Umbria. The Raina name was the name of the farmer who cultivated the land before the arrival of Andrea Mattioli Francesco Mariani and the current owners. Two stories and two different paths those of Andrea and Francesco, the first holding a degree in oenology and the second with a history of major chefs in Italian restaurants. In 2001 Andrea and Fabrizio sensed the potential of the vineyards are located in all of Montefalco and decide to buy 10 hectares of vineyard with an old farmhouse annexe. The road is marked and in subsequent years new vineyards are planted but especially you decide to embrace the path of biodynamic cultivation, only copper is used, sulfur and infusions and decoctions of plants. In the future, look to Permaculture, sometimes the defense of life from disease and pests. The vineyards, 300 m.s.l.m. on limestone and gravel soils they are cultivated with native umbri; Raina Field, Colonel Field and The Pretelle are bred in Sagrantino, the hump Field Sangiovese and Le Campette Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Merlot and Trebbiano Spoletino. Raina's goal is to produce natural wines, respectful of terroir and personal, but mostly clean, intact and characterized by elegance and drinkability.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Country Italy
Region Umbria
Production Area Umbria IGT
producer Raina
Grapes Sagrantino, Sangiovese.
Year 2011
Alchoolic Grade 18%
Style of Wine Strong and Rich
Aging Aging in Steel
Dosage Dry
Dimension Bottle 0,75 L
Philosophy Biodynamic
Pairings Meditation, Dessert
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