The company of Luca Francesconi is located in the municipality of Ponti sul Mincio in Lombardy, not far from the town of Peschiera del Garda, in the area called Colli Mantovani. Here the territory is characterized by rolling hills composed of soils of moraine origin, a compact, hard, hard to dig or revolve land. Luca, in 2014 without any farmer, and without having inherited any vineyard or land, decides to start working old plots of autochthonous varieties rented, driven only by a burning passion combined with patience and willpower. He calls his company Josef, therefore the figure of St. Joseph, which reflects the characteristics of the saint, which he possesses, humility, dedication and a great willpower, the same qualities that Luca embodies. One of the great merits of Luca was to reborn and preserve varieties of grapes that in these parts risked extinction. Today in its vineyards there are about ten varieties, among which we can find the Negrara Trentina, the Rossanella (Molinara), the Schiava, the Marzemino, Marzemino Padovano, Rossetta, Rondinella, Tokai, Trebbiano and Bianca Fernanda (cortese), but also old strains of Merlot and Cabernet sauvignon of at least 30 years. In its vineyards it is not used synthetic chemistry that generates stress, but only the exclusive and targeted use of copper and sulfur, is carried out the practice of sexual confusion that is practiced together with biodynamic preparations, such as the manure horn, the horn silica and the nettle preparation which, according to the period of maceration, becomes a powerful anticryptogamic. In the cellar exclusive use of indigenous yeasts present on the grape skin is made, a pied de cuve is made for spontaneous fermentation, in order to have wines derived from the relationship of the grapes to the earth, son of the terroir and of the trend climate.

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