Jean-Louis e Guillame Overnoy

Overnoy is a family-run company in the Jura region, a spectacular area for aromatic wines. Jean-Louis Overnoy took over the reins of the family farm with agricultural polyculture in 1982 and specialized in the cultivation of the vine. Jean began his adventure by first planting a few vineyards and then gradually expanding his production, which today has 5.5 hectares of property. With the introduction of his son Guillaume in the company in 2013, the entire production becomes organic, and the entire wine production takes a turn of freshness while maintaining a classic soul of taste and typicality. The land is cultivated in two different municipalities: most of Orbagna (4.6 hectares) and 1 in Cesancey, where the classic local vines are grown: Chardonnay, Savagnin, Poulsard, Pinot Noir. Vin de Paille is also produced, wine dried on straw for at least 4 months and the famous Vin Jaune, wine made to refine in barrels deliberately drained, where a veil is formed on the surface with consequent controlled oxidation for 7 years, an oxidized wine is born , incredibly aromatic, with notes of chamomile and hay, flowers and dates, a gem.

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