Azienda Agricola Cinque Campi

The Cinque Campi company is located in Puianello di Quattro Castella, in the province of Reggio Emilia, at the foot of the first Appennino Reggiano hills. The name of the company derives from their main plot called precisely five fields. Historic winery in the area, it belongs to the Nizzoli family for about 200 years. At the beginning the wine was produced for self-consumption and to be sold in demijohn to a few people in the country. In 2003, vanni Nizzoli takes over the company and decides to produce wine in accordance with tradition and in balance with nature and the territory. In 2005, Vanni began an important work of recovery and replanting of native vines. Among the cultivated vines we find the kind Malbo, the Spergola, the Lambrusco Grasparossa, the Marzemino, the Moscato, and the Cabernet Sauuvignon. In the vineyard Nanni does not use synthetic products and in the cellar it relies on spontaneous fermentations and none of its wines undergo filtration, clarification, or addition of enological adjuvants.