Lubigo - Croci

Lubigo is a fresh sparkling wine and a drinkable wine based on excellent horticultural grapes with the method of fermentation in the bottle. It is delicate, fine and pleasantly acid. Closes with the typical almond finish. A pleasant wine of excellent drinkability.

Region: Emilia Romagna.

Grapes: Ortrugo.

Alcohol content: 12,5%.

Aging: Steel.

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Product Description

Lubigo - Massimiliano Croci

Lubigo is a sparkling vnio obtained from grapes of ortrugo, it is a white vine typical of the Piacenza areas. Croci proposes it with the method of natural refermentation in the bottle. After harvesting the grapes, they are fermented spontaneously in cement tanks with a maceration of about 15 days. As the temperatures drop, natural cold interrupts fermentation when there are still fermentable sugars. The wine is immediately bottled and as the temperature increases the fermentation begins again for the foaming. The Lubigo is delicate, fine, pleasantly acid. Closes with the typical almond finish. A pleasant wine of excellent drinkability.


It is advisable to serve it at a temperature of 8/10 ° in tulip goblets. Wine to drink immediately.


Great as an appetizer of fish, typical Piacenza cured meats, to try with risotto with shrimps and courgettes.

Cellar: Massimiliano Croci

The farm is located on the hill of Monterosso in the Val d'Arda and overlooks the plain Piacenza. Here, Massimiliano Croci, together with his father, Ermanno, manages the family company founded in 1935. Since entering the company, Massimiliano has directed production to high quality wines, while maintaining all the typicality of the Piacenza wines. Valorization and respect for the territory are at the center of the company's objectives, which for this reason is committed to experimentation, in search of new methods of vinification and refinement of local grapes in order to give genuine, traceable and excellent wines. Today, the hectares of vines are a dozen planted with the classic vines of Piacenza; Ortrugo, Malvasia and Trebbiano for the whites, Bonarda and Barbera for the reds. In the vineyard it is practiced by inerting, the treatments are done without using toxic and synthetic substances, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, to respect the territory, the vine and its natural cycles and to produce genuine wines. Grape harvest is done by hand; The time between harvesting and pressing is minimal, the grapes are stored in small boxes and then crafted in an artisanal way to keep all the grape characteristics and properties unaltered.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Country Italy
Region Emilia Romagna
Production Area Vino Frizzante
producer Croci
Grapes Ortrugo
Year No
Alchoolic Grade 12.5%
Style of Wine Crisp and fresh
Aging Aging in Steel
Dosage Fizzy
Dimension Bottle 0,75 L
Philosophy Traditional
Pairings Appetizers, Appetizers, Seafood, Fish, Main courses, Risotti
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