Kot - Lammidia

The kott remains a perfectly balanced wine between sweetness and acidity, capable of combining with the most varied sweet dishes or simply being tasted at the end of dinner.

Grapes: Red grapes.

Alcohol content: 15%.

Aging: 12 months in chestnut barrel.

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Product Description

Kott - Lammidia

Kott is a fine and elegant sweet wine made from red grapes made with the traditional style of cooked wine production. After the harvest, the grapes are pressed and de-stemmed and left overnight in contact with the skins. The next day, half the must is pressed and cooked to a reduction of about 15% of the initial quantity, while the other part of must is fermented normally and the rosé is obtained. The two products are put back together inside a chestnut barrel where they are refined for a year. The kott remains a perfectly balanced wine between sweetness and acidity, capable of combining with the most varied sweet dishes or simply being tasted at the end of dinner.


It is recommended to serve it at a temperature of 12/14 ° in Tulipano glasses. Daberis wine immediately but left in the cellar a few years can give great emotions


Strictly at the end of a meal, it is a perfect accompaniment to blue or very mature cheeses and foie gras. Also excellent on ricotta desserts and dry pastries

The cellar: Lammidia

Behind Lammidia we find the duo made up of Davide Gentile and Marco Giuliani, friends from the time of asylum. Grown up together, they take different paths and then find themselves at university and, from there, they start their journey in the world of wine. Initially they participate in fairs and tastings, then they attend the cellars of natural winemakers, where they observe their way of seeing life and their relationship with nature, and understand that it is possible to live differently than we had thought up to then. They decide to abandon their respective commitments to try to make their wine, without any chemical in the vineyard and in the cellar, no filtration, no clarification, no sulfur, in short: grapes and nothing else. They recover a garage of an old grandma's farmhouse in Villa Celiera, 700 meters above the hills of Pescara, surrounded by unspoilt nature, and two half-hectare vineyards for rent in Pescara, where there is mainly Montepulciano, and without relying on any agronomist, oenologist or external technician, they begin to experiment new things. The first vinification is in 2010, and proves to be unlucky, so much so that it is said that the grandmother Antonia started the first fermentation by removing the evil eye or the amidy, from which the name the cellar. After studies, comparison with other winemakers, tests, experiments, and many errors have led them to current results and a path of continuous improvement. The vinifications are made in concrete containers, designed, designed and built by Davide and Marco to manage the different processes, and for refinement they use earthenware amphorae, some steel and fiberglass containers. In about 10 years about sixty labels have been produced and almost all of them have the imprint of the hand that has become the identifying image of the company, which represents the wines made by man, getting his hands dirty in the vineyard and without help technology.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Country Italy
Region No
Production Area Vino Rosso
producer Lammidia
Grapes Red grapes
Year No
Alchoolic Grade 15%
Style of Wine Full-bodied and intense
Aging Aging in Barrels
Dosage Sweet
Dimension Bottle Demi 0,375 L
Philosophy Biodynamic
Pairings Chocolate, Meditation, Dessert, Aged cheeses
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