Foddreè 2018 - Fabio Ferracane

The Foddreè has a straw yellow color. On the nose hints of yeast, pear and almond in the finish. Very fresh, sapid and quite long on the palate. Only 680 bottles produced.

Region: Sicily.

Grapes: Catarratto.

Alcohol content: 12,5%.

Aging: Steel.

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Product Description

Foddreè - Fabio Ferracane

The Foddreè by Fabio Ferracane is a sparkling wine that comes from grapes of Catarratto obtained through the refermentation in the bottle. The grapes come from vineyards located on soils tending to calcareous at 160m.s.l.m. Harvesting is done manually in the third decade of September. Grape destemming and fermentation with indigenous yeasts only in steel tanks. Before the fermentation ends it is bottled. The Foddreè has a straw yellow color. On the nose hints of yeast, pear and almond in the finish. Very fresh, sapid and quite long on the palate. Only 680 bottles produced.


We recommend to taste it at a temperature of 8/10 ° in tulip glasses. A wine to be drunk immediately but will express its best in a few years. In the meantime, it is advisable to keep it in a horizontal position in a cool, damp and dark cellar.


It goes perfectly with pasta dishes with vegetables, fish main courses, to try with a gratin perch.

Winery: Fabio Ferracane

Fabio Ferracane's company is located in the Marsala area of ​​Sicily. It was born in the 90s when the parents of Fabio, Antonino and Rosa Maria inherit a small estate, and begin to produce wine for themselves and their friends in respect of family traditions. Antonino's passion for the art of viticulture and respect for what soon became a family tradition were passed on to his youngest son, Fabio, who began to follow the same paternal steps he took in the estate's vineyards. Fabio after graduating in Enology, and having gained experience in various wineries, especially in Australia, in 2011 he returned to Marsala with the awareness that the enological expression of the beautiful area of ​​Marsala can be a real reason for living, and begins to making wine, bottling and marketing the wine produced by the family vineyards under the careful and reassuring gaze of the "Fatina di Bacco", the elegant company logo. Today the company covers an area of ​​about 7 hectares, planted with above all autochthonous vineyards such as Nero d'Avola, Grillo and Catarratto. Most of the vineyards are located in front of the Natural Reserve of the Stagnone di Marsala Islands, and are kissed by the sea breeze and the warm sun of Western Sicily, which together with mild winters and hot and sunny summers allows the production of high grapes sugar content. When the perfect balance between total acidity and sugar content is reached in the berries, the aromas of the original fruit reach the optimum. It is the right time for the harvest. The carefully selected grapes are harvested by hand, and quickly taken to the cellar to avoid unwanted fermentation. If the vineyards are the soul, the cellar is the heart. Here the grapes are vinified in respect of the most ancient Marsalese traditions. The wine is made exclusively in purity to enhance the fragrance of the original fruit which results in a finished product of remarkable elegance and pleasant persistence. In this way the peculiarities of the different vines are exalted to the maximum, the typicality of each individual vineyard in relation to its zonation. The sun, the salt, the wind and the sea are those natural elements that allow Fabio Ferracane to produce wines of excellent quality with a strong yet elegant personality and unmistakable organoleptic characteristics.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Country Italy
Region Sicily
Production Area Vino Frizzante
producer Ferracane
Grapes Catarratto
Year 2018
Alchoolic Grade 12.5%
Style of Wine Crisp and fresh
Aging Aging in Steel
Dosage Fizzy
Dimension Bottle 0,75 L
Philosophy Biodynamic
Pairings Appetizers, Appetizers, White meat, Raw fish, Fresh cheese, Fish, Main courses, Risotti
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